too tight socks and feet perspire easily and encounters

5 Feb 2015

bad depends on raw materials, various versions of various materials in the domestic market at present snow boots very disorganized, but the main points of the following 1,Buckskin velvet surface plus artificial hair in, the material is by flannel plus a layer fiber hair composition, material poor, breathable sex poor 2, leather Riga blended wool in, currently market Shang compared more of material, blended hair in mixed has up to 70% above of fiber, reduced has warm sex and breathable sex 3, nike air max 95 domestic domestic 2-3 level wool one, this quality although is used fur one of material, has compared close genuine material la, but used of is cannot reached export standard of 2-3 level sheep fur, cortex compared soft thin not by wear, Wool sparse phrases 1.8MM standard 4, fur at the domestic level, this fur is Shoppe sale snow boots quality materials, leather uniform and thick, thick

soft leather slide, stood at 1.8MM deviation is less than 2MM, unique fragrance smells vaguely have wool, feet feel warm air not hot, unique high quality pure wool breathability, warmth, and moisture resistance and health care advantage 4. Shoes are too tight as the saying goes, “from the foot”, many people think that as long as clinging to the feet warm. As air max plus everyone knows, the shoes are too tight, not only warm, but will also cause health problems. Feet wrapped too tightly, poor blood circulation, heat cannot effectively reach the feet, can also cause swelling of the toes, and increases the chances of frostbite. In addition, if too thick, too tight socks and feet perspire easily and encounters cold air the feet will be even colder. Sweat is absorbed by socks, also easy to breed bacteria, causes athlete’s foot. Recommends that in order to warm you can choose a slightly thicker at the end

of point shoes, 2-3 cm thickness and secondly, it is best to wear first shoes, lace and it is not too tight so as to allow ankle movement, ensure smooth blood circulation; and, finally, insoles and socks to frequently change, wash and keep shoes dry. In addition, sat for a long time people stood up and move around for a few minutes every hour to promote blood flow in your legs. How to match UGG snow boots cleanedUgg boots knowledge in recent years, snow boots girls winter became the must-have products, these boots are warm and the effect is not to say that, but also need to wear beautiful, so snow boots how to match good has become the focus of attention. Snow boots collocation pencil pants cute sweet dress up most popular appreciation, Ugg boots use different material of stitching stitching and solid design, coordinated shades take out this year’s fads,




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