this boot because the fabric has good elasticity

5 Feb 2015

help, make yourself symmetrical leg show, cold cuts and back a pity. Animal boots in grain intoxicating wine red in color, blue, and purple, dramatic, romantic, soul urge to jump, patent leather, cowhide, Flash fabric, using different materials, the light and the dark cross contains a simple, warm faith. With: young and romantic girl can wear this boots vibram five fingers charm, may be so bold, and trench coat, coat, skirt, sweater with,As long as it feels pleasing lines. Certainly the same colour balance carry bag. Various kinds of fabric boots high elastic fabric, suede, loops of wool, wool fabric color changeable, boots and lightweight fashion, inlaid with tassels, embroidery, dazing in the plain, which is slightly ahead of the elegant. Pairing: this boot because the fabric has good elasticity, and legs wrapped in close. Though not lavish, but there are sweaters, plaid apron company, warm,

pleasant, affinity is greatly improved. Casual boots: winter hiking boots very boldly, but even exaggeration, suddenly to look at design some awkward, but wear on their feet, comfortable power to make people give up on down, strangely fuzzy design must be able to arouse the desire to possess it. Hippie boots taper look, 2-inch high heels and wide soles make sight back to the 60 ’s. Beautiful blue denim, snakeskin, paintings, embroidery was able to cleverly grouped together. Pairing: principle is nike blazer mid to try to match some hippie clothes. Be careful, not all of them can be worn for a year. Actually, this shoe season in the age, with coordination of the denim shirt. Camp boots because the soft bottom, soft leather, shoe form loose, in which boots JiBu flew rather than feet, hair hard in the design of stand alone complex, out of the modern way of life and character. Pairing: reveals a boots,

shorts best casual, boots can not be selected as theirs. An unusual makeup, combing an exaggerated hairstyle, look relaxed, leisurely fun walking down the street, enjoying shopping. Sheep fur cuffed boots, or flat, using a simple skull patch material, cylindrical hypertrophy. Put it on, just a noisy alley,Fresh and carefree feelings my thoughts drift off to blue sky and white clouds, green grass and herds of prairies. Pairing: coarse Burr grew up in wool sweaters and striped clothes match, Wei long scarf, combined with natural bright colors and long braids of hair in a mess, like Prairie innocent Foxy Shepherdess. Harm long-term wear high boots snow boots high boots should be held around 3 cm heel height, boot back should not be too tight. Travel is not fit to wear high boots that under-age girls should not wear high heel boots. After returning home should be promptly took off




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