Running shoe knowledge description microfibre

5 Feb 2015

(6) the toe, heel and side: a few blocks are used to improve strength and reinforcing protective hot melt film provides excellent stability and durability. (7) Insole: using materials for cushioning and moisture wicking away moisture, coupled with a vent-hole design and application of deodorant antibacterial technology, in conjunction with shock-absorbing perspiration breathable, you can eliminate the breeding ground for odor. (8) running shoe features: lightweight, soft, elastic good; air max direct wear-resistant, shock absorbing, slip; good breathability and grip, Flex, stability, durability, grip both deodorant health functions. Running shoe knowledge description microfibre (PU) Are generally used for running shoes, although are not leather,There are a few very light running shoes outsole, these shoes are only suitable for running on a treadmill wearing. Middle-level is the most

important thing at the end of the story it’s outsole soft, Arch supports can control shoe bending twisting, and ground transmission of impact forces from the heel to the ball of foot. Shock absorbers in the heel is the most important, each brand has its own technology and features. Can usually be removed by the end of, it is shock-absorbing foot faults and correction of the last line of Defense. Vamp is designed to allow combination of feet and shoes, and air cooling function. Stiff heel can improve stability air max thea when landing legs. Foot type and gait type exactly what type of running shoe for you, which requires you to know your foot type and gait to a conclusion. People usually have a normal bending of the foot arch-type structures, we call it “the arches”. As the wet foot test, leaving footprints will be missing a piece in the middle. According to the missing part of the

size, of the foot can be divided into normal foot, Flatfoot and arched foot. Wet footprints measuring foot shape: dipped in water or ink on his right foot on a piece of white paper. Find footprints on either side at the widest points of the vertical draw two parallel lines, respectively. Footprints found on the missing in the middle part of the curve near the point of the vertical line on the right side, this point, draw a vertical line. Left as area a, area b, right. According to a, b, to determine the proportion of foot shape. Normal foot types: a, b the proportion is close to 2:1 thoroughly and use a soft brush or towel to scrub dirty areas as a whole. If the entire snow boots have been soaked in cold water, snow boots, low speed dryer can be shaken to remove excess water. Ugg boots cleaning will not affect its warmth and comfort. Uggs material divided into snow boots warm is good or




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